Stephan's Quintet
20" F4.5  176X
Stephan's Quintet is a fairly dim cluster of 5 galaxies in the constellation Pegasus that is within the reach of moderate aperature scopes.  From top to bottom here are the magnitudes and sizes:  ngc 7319, mag 13, 1.5':  ngc 7320, mag 12.5, 2.2'x1.2':  ngc 7318 a/b, mag 13, 1':  ngc 7317, mag 13.5, 1'.  The cluster is thought to be some 270 million ly distant, however ngc 7320, the largest and brightest member has less of a redshift so it is thought to be a foreground object.  The sketch was done in the 20" reflector under mag 7.9 skies, north kaibab national forest, az.