AP 900 GTO Raw PE Curve
I let Pempro go through 8 cycles of the RA worm to generate the PE curve for the mount.  Seems that the more cycles you let it read the better it can compensate for the seeing.  I learned that although the peak to peak error is 7.5 arc seconds, the error was very smooth and easily guided out.
After analyzing the raw curve, Pempro then programs the mount to compensate for the PE.  The above graph shows that after correction the mount had a peak to peak error of 1 arc second.  I was kind of skeptical about this data, but when I started up the autoguider, the guiding was much improved.  Earlier in the evening before running Pempro max guider errors were around 1 pixel, and afterward the max error was down to .4 pixels.

AP 900 GTO Corrected PE Curve